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Tilføjer nyhedsarkiv til paragraf

News Archive is a collection of news contents which are not currently displayed on the web page. These are the old and out dated news content which was displayed before in the web page and now replaced by the current news.

To add the News Archive to your paragraph, Select 'News Archive' option in the paragraph drop down list and click on the "Add" link. It will open up a new page like this.

Here you can select two types of News Display Style,

  • Default
  • Date and Title with Description.

If you select 'Default' as your News Display Style, the page appears as below:

You can also set the word limit and width to your news. You also have the option to select the required fields to display on to your current news.

If you 'Date and Title with Description' as your News Display Style, the page appears as below:

Here you need to just enter the word Limit and Width of the Current News and save the information

After you save your Current News, your paragraph appears on the Page Contents pane like this: