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Denmark consists of three main islands and many smaller ones,which are all connected by bridges or ferries. Copenhagen is situated on theisland of Zealand, which by a bridge to the island of Funen - connected - andthe charming town of Odense. Funen is by a short bridge with the largest islandin Denmark, Jutland - connected - and the cities of Aarhus, Aalborg andothers.Copenhagen (Zealand)

The largest urban center in Scandinavia, founded in 1167Copenhagen is a city of copper roofs and towers. In the city there are many oldbuildings, fountains, statues and squares, as well as the unique attraction ofthe Little Mermaid at the harbor entrance. A variety of organized excursionswill take you to the sights: the Viking land tour takes you to the Viking ShipMuseum, Funen (Odense).

Funen, known as the "Garden of Denmark" is sometimesalso called Fyn. Here are the most adorable and most historic castles andmanors - surrounded by old parks and gardens - the whole country. Odense is thebirthplace of the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen (1805-1875).Every year in July and August it is here to honor a festival in which his lifeand his works were recognized. Visit the Hans Christian Andersen Museum and hisnursery.  Locks - are the mainattractions in Fyn and churches - as Nyborg and Valdemar. The Egeskov castle isa magnificent Renaissance castle surrounded by a moat. You can also visit theRailway Museum and the Fyn Village, an important cultural center. In Odense isalso Brandt Klaedefabrik, another big cultural center. Funens newest attractionopened in 2005 Naturama with 3 floors of natural history multimedia displays.Especially on the southern islands of Langeland, Tasinge and Aero outstandingbeaches wait for you.  Funen with Jutlandand Zealand (Copenhagen County) connected by bridges. The main cities andresorts are Odense, Nyborg, Svendborg, Middelfart and Bogense


Jutland (Aalborg Arhus &)

This region comprises the largest part of Denmark with thecities of Aarhus and Aalborg. The sandy beaches of Western Jutland are clean,can swim but due to changing currents and winds can be dangerous. At the mainport of Jutland, Esbjerg, run daily ferries from England a. Among the majorcities and resorts here include Aalborg, Arhus, Esbjerg, Frederikshavn,Holstebro, Kolding, Randers, Silkeborg, Vejle and Viborg.  Aalborg is the largest Viking burial groundas well as a cathedral, a monastery and a castle. The greatest Renaissancebuildings in Denmark are in Aalborg. In Aarhus there are more than 60 buildingsfrom the 17th and 18th centuries that were brought from all over the countryand re-erected in a beautiful landscape.

Lolland, Falster, Mon & Bornholm

Lolland is relative flat, Falster less, Mon hand, is a paradisefull of hills and valleys and the white chalk cliffs of Mon Klint. Bornholm isdifferent from the others, it is located 150 km east of the Danish mainland,and consists of fertile farmland, white beaches and a rocky coast. More than200 km of scenic bike routes across the country.  Too small towns Nakskov, Nykobing, Nysted,Rønne, Sakskøbing and bars are worth a visit Knuthenborg Park on Lolland is with 500 species of trees, flowers and plantsof the largest in Denmark.

Cycling in Denmark is a great cycling country. The streets arerelatively quiet, the (car) drivers are courteous and the scenery is great.Enjoy the clean cycle paths and the necessary facilities and equipment aroundcities and in the countryside. Wheels you hire best at the local touristoffices. Bicycles may be taken on ferries and buses and trains as well as ondomestic flights. You can find more cycling in the Activity GuideRiding.Fantastic paths invite you to a great riding through the Danish countryside.Strong, reliable and clever, this Iceland horses were formerly used by theVikings - now you can find them everywhere. Click here to proceed , has special offer for tourist who planing for Denmark. 



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